Zach Moore came to the Ashram via a simple Google search. Living a sedentary lifestyle and struggling with extra weight, Zach decided to give yoga a try. Back then, Zach was only thinking of the physical benefits yoga could bring, but six years on, the mental and emotional benefits abound.

“Yoga helps me bring my life, and life in general, into perspective. It also allows me deeper experiences. I always find that a yoga class or a meditation will make things sound and taste better. I’m more forgiving, more focused.”

Working in the plumbing industry, and before that as a carpenter and stone mason apprentice, Zach found that yoga was the best thing to do to keep his body in good condition. “I get pretty beaten up at my day job and the heat and the stretching help me recover.”

Five years into his yoga practice, Zach completed the Ashram’s 200-hour teacher training course (his first of three) and began teaching yoga. His teaching style is strong, calm, and intense, and he believes everybody can benefit from yoga, even if you just lie still for the whole class! Zach is passionate about enhancing the wellbeing of people in the community and helping them be their very best, at yoga or anything else in life.

In his free time, Zach enjoys hiking, backpacking, reading and listening to live music.

Qualifications/special skills/training:
The Ashram’s 200-hour teacher training courses
Trained in Deva Meditation as well as the advanced Deva Meditation sutras
Attended more than 50 Kriya classes including the Hamsa, Hamsa Hatha, and Hamsa Hatha Kumbhaka Kriyas