When a neighbor introduced Vi Noel to the Ashram, she was initially attracted to, and challenged by, the physical aspect of Gary Olson’s Power Yoga series, but it was the invigorating feeling she had after class that kept her coming back for more.

With two young children, it can be difficult to find time for herself, but Vi makes yoga a priority, practicing four to five times a week.

In 2008, Vi helped form the Kid Yoga program at the Ashram. Not only was it an opportunity to share her love of yoga with her kids, but also to build on her background. In college, she studied Childhood Development and Elementary Education, and worked as a youth group leader.

Vi continues to be the lead and creative mind behind Kid Yoga. She is passionate about spreading awareness of yoga at an early age and its benefits, not only at the studio but also in local communities and schools.

The pressures of school, competitive sports, incessant lessons and video games can be stressful to children and Vi recognizes that yoga can help counter these pressures. She brings to her classroom what she has learned in her own practice as well as philosophies and techniques surrounding yoga for children.