Sean Naughton has been practicing yoga for more than 20 years. Sean began his yoga journey in his 20s, but dipped in and out of practice due to family and career obligations. After he was involved in a cycling accident, Sean returned to yoga and has been practicing consistently ever since.

Looking for a new challenge, Sean decided to become a yoga teacher. After completing teacher training at YTTP in 2012, he taught at the Yoga Elements for several years before moving to the Ashram in 2016, a yoga community he calls vibrant, passionate, and happy.

It’s been 25 years since Sean first began his daily meditation practice and he considers yoga an extension of that—mind, body, breath, and stillness. “Yoga is not an exercise program. It is a science, the science of self discovery, and there is nothing more beautiful or powerful than making contact with your deepest self.” This is what Sean is most passionate about and what he hopes his students achieve in class.

His advice is the same for both new and professional yogis: “Relax, don't struggle. It's simple.”

In addition to his yoga practice, Sean works in film production and is busy planning a 1000-mile road cycling trip with his son.

Teacher training, YTTP, 2012