Born and raised in Seattle, Sarah Hiemstra Dellinger has always been athletic, competing in basketball and volleyball. Looking to change things up, Sarah went to her first yoga class at the Ashram in 2006, after a friend raved about hot yoga. Sarah “drank the Kool-Aid” and has been a part of the Ashram community ever since.

Not only had Sarah found a “sport” that incorporated all the things she loved—physical activity, mind, focus, and breath exercise—but, according to Sarah, yoga also “teaches lessons that you can carry outside the room, I need that; lessons of acceptance, humility, balance, breathe, grace, and stillness.”

In 2014, Sarah, wanting to give back to the Ashram, began teaching Power Yoga and Yin. She admires her students’ dedication to push through challenges, both physically and personally. The yoga room is the perfect place to work out all of it. What keeps Sarah coming back to class? The feeling she gets after class. “I don’t run but I imagine it’s similar to what people get when they talk about a ‘runner’s high.’ That’s the feeling I get.”

In addition to teaching at the Ashram, Sarah works as a Marriage and Family Therapist at a private practice, EQUIP Consulting, in Kirkland. But her main job is mom to four kids, ages 15, 9 and twins who are 6. Her children are yogis too—her oldest attends regular classes and her three younger ones attend the kids program at the Ashram.

In her spare time, Sarah enjoys traveling, cooking, volunteering and organizing.

Trained in Deva Meditation
Raja Course completed
200 hr teacher training completed
Teaches both Power & Yin classes