Originally from Wrangell, a small island in Alaska, Rayne Nahajski moved to Seattle as a child and grew up playing sports. Due to knee injuries, Rayne turned to yoga in 1999, and when she found Gary Olson’s hot yoga, she knew she’d found something special.

Rayne had been practicing for years without tuning into the mental practice of yoga. “It changed everything when I started taking Gary's classes and hearing some great dialogue about yoga being primarily a mental practice, and how to develop that.”

When Rayne first began practicing at the Ashram, Gary referred to her as a “future teacher” but as a full-time lawyer and with a law firm to run, Rayne couldn’t carve out the time to teach. It wasn’t until 2009 that Rayne decided to make the switch from law to yoga.

Rayne’s teaching style is motivating, challenging and compassionate. She recommends her classes to people who love cues. “Due to my own injuries, I have had to learn how to practice safely within my daily body. I cue a lot during physical postures, but I also cue how to manage your emotions in the room.”

Though Rayne no longer goes to court, she still manages the law firm with her husband. She is passionate about helping people—in a courtroom or a yoga room. And when she isn’t practicing law or yoga, Rayne likes to wake surf and host dinner parties.


200 hour teacher training through Yoga Works
Hands-on adjustment clinic
Attended a Baptiste weekend