Eighteen years ago, Penni Larson was introduced to yoga through a friend who had taken up Bikram. Penni remembers admiring her friend’s body and skin transformation and asking to go to the next class.

After that first session, Penni began practicing daily and a few years later, she left her career in the restaurant and events industry to teach yoga in Bangkok, Thailand. When she returned stateside, she decided to make yoga a full-time job. She has been with the Ashram since its doors first opened.

Much of Penni’s days are spent in 105-degree heat. As a full-time Bikram instructor, Penni teaches and practices yoga every day. She describes her high-energy level classes as “hot and hard,” but her kind and compassionate teaching style keeps the students coming back for more. “I want students to feel amazing. They should feel a little spent, but that energy comes back so strong”

As if doing the 28 postures multiple times a day isn’t enough, Penni regularly runs long distances. She’s been running marathons since she was 18 years old.

Originally from Cedar Falls, Iowa, Penni enjoys spending time with family and friends, and traveling whenever she can. One of the reasons she loves yoga so much is its strong community base and how she feels at home at studios anywhere in the world.

Bikram Yoga Class of 2002
Taught yoga in Bangkok, Thailand for a year
Power Yoga training, August 2017
Marathon runner and trainer

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