Luba Babadzhanov was born and raised on Sakhalin Island, in the Russian Far East. She first came to Seattle 13 years ago for college and then began a career working in the maritime industry. The work was demanding, and Luba turned to yoga for stress relief and fitness. But what she gained was so much more—health, clarity, support, love, courage, and peace, to name a few!

In addition to her daily practice, Luba started teaching five years ago when the Ashram first offered teacher training, and what keeps her coming back to class changes every day. Every single class is different and Luba is inspired by her students’ dedication and consistency.

Luba’s encouraging teaching style provides a safe space for students to challenge themselves and she hopes students leave the studio feeling renewed. Yoga, and the Ashram specifically, is a home away from home for Luba, and she invites anyone curious to just take a class, any class! There is nothing to lose, and a whole lot to gain.

In addition to yoga, Luba enjoys aerial sports, pole dance, traveling, and good food.

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