When Joyce Macfarlane’s daughter expressed interest in trying yoga, Joyce agreed to go along too. After class, Joyce remembers, “we just looked at each other and said, ‘What just happened?’”

That feeling prompted Joyce to begin practicing yoga regularly and in 2008, she began teacher training. Becoming a yoga teacher was not Joyce’s intention—she simply wanted to immerse herself in yoga, no distractions. But teaching is where she found herself, and though it is challenging, she enjoys always learning and striving to give 100%.

Joyce loves Bikram yoga and wants to share Bikram with students, especially beginners, through her gentle and inspirational teaching style. In her Yin classes, Joyce shares as much information as possible. “I love the Chakra, meridian connection with internal organs. I love that the connective tissue is a tissue wrapping around all our organs, muscles, bones, and joints, and we need to keep it healthy and lubricated with movement and stretching.”

Yoga gives Joyce peace, and makes her feel strong in mind and body. This self-empowerment is what she wants for her students, and urges anyone considering yoga to start today.

Joyce’s interests range from travel to skincare to art to fishing to skiing. Before she found yoga, she had worked as a computer operator, a metro bus driver, and as an esthetician. One of her favorite quotes is, “The purpose of life is to discover your gift. The meaning of life is to give your gift away.” Joyce is passionate about helping women feel beautiful and confident, through skincare and through their yoga journey.

2008 Bikram Training
2010 Re certified with Bikram
2013 200 hour Power Vinyasa Training
2014 100 hour Yin Yoga Training