When Jordan Lydia Grimmer read a blog chronicling a 30-day Bikram yoga challenge, she was inspired to try it herself. After the month of practice, she realized how beneficial yoga was and began practicing Bikram yoga regularly, followed by Yin Yoga a year later. Through yoga, she has managed to overcome the negative effects of scoliosis—alleviating lower back pain, and reshaping and realigning her hunched shoulders, crooked spine, and swayed pelvic girdle.

In 2014, Jordan Lydia completed a rigorous Yin Yoga 70-hour teacher training and yearlong mentorship. She began teaching at the Ashram in 2016. Her teaching style is intuitive, therapeutic-centered, and approachable. “A student first and then a teacher,” Jordan Lydia is focused on learning through her own practice and sharing her experience with others. Her classes are inclusive of all bodies and levels.

Jordan Lydia’s goal is “to create a healing space where students can engage themselves with curiosity and wisdom. I want students to feel empowered, content, and peaceful. I am just a vessel to pass on instructions and knowledge needed for students to access the healing naturally contained within themselves.”

Jordan Lydia recently completed Esak Garcia’s e84 Bishnu Ghosh Advanced Teacher Training and is in the middle of a two-year teaching mentorship and practice program. She has devoted a month to intensive training, practicing and studying the Advanced Bikram 84 series daily. Jordan Lydia firmly believes that when approached with patience and wisdom, the Advanced Bikram 84 series is therapeutic, healing, and transformative.

Jordan Lydia was the two-time Washington State Yoga Asana Champion and has demonstrated in Yoga Asana Championships on a national level. Outside the studio, she works as a Medical Device Regulatory Affairs Specialist. She loves cats…and pictures of cats doing yoga!

Yin Yoga 70-hour Teacher Training
Trained with master Bikram teachers Mary Jarvis and Esak Garcia at their week-long intensive back-bending clinics (Shapeshifting and Jedi Fight Club)
Esak Garcia’s e84 Bishnu Ghosh Advanced Teacher Training