Being physically active has always been an important part of Jamie Laflin’s life. Growing up playing sports in Bellevue, Jamie went on to play softball for two years at Bellevue College before transferring to WSU to major in Physical Education.

Seven years ago, Jamie began practicing yoga almost daily, and has been practicing twice daily for the last four years. “I need it for physical and mental wellbeing. I am a better person to others around me. I feel better. And at this point, it is as much a part of my daily life as eating or drinking water.”

Working as a bank manager for the last decade, Jamie credits yoga as a major stress-reliever. Hot Yoga promotes relaxation and gives her an overall balance in life. She completed the Ashram’s teacher training and began teaching nearly two years ago. Jamie’s passion for yoga shows in her strong, powerful, and positive teaching style, and she tries to give classes she would like to take, passing on her high energy to her students.

Jamie’s favorite part of teaching is savasana, particularly after a hard class when the breath in the room calms. As everyone relaxes into the final dead pose, “the whole energy in the room changes and there is a wave of peace and tranquility. It is beautiful and magical. It gives me chills! Love it!”

Outside of the studio and the bank, Jamie likes hiking, traveling, boating, playing sports and hanging out with family and friends.

Two teacher training courses