Jake Townsend took his first power yoga class at 13 years old, and though he would practice at the Ashram from time to time with his mother, he wasn’t sold on yoga until years later. With multiple injuries from snowboarding and a rigorous weight-training schedule, Jake realized he needed to add a healing practice to his weekly routine. So, at the age of 19, Jake returned to the Ashram and began practicing yoga regularly. The physical, emotional, and mental benefits were noticeable immediately.

Alongside his yoga practice, Jake began personal training, specializing in powerlifting/bodybuilding. He enjoys working one-on-one with people, and helping them achieve their fitness goals, so it was only natural that he would gravitate towards sharing his love of yoga by studying Raja Yoga, learning Transcendental Meditation, and completing the 200-hour teacher training.

With more than 400 hours of training under his belt, Jake’s teaching style is best described as effective, simple, and fun. “I like to mention in class that we practice yoga to feel better. That’s really my goal in every class: to help my students feel better. My hope is that my students feel comfortable in body and calm in mind. Everybody needs different things from their practice. I do my best to create an environment that is beneficial for the whole room.”

In addition to yoga and personal training, Jake works in the roofing business. Having grown up in the Seattle area, Jake loves being outdoors, hiking, skateboarding and snowboarding. His passions include music, nature, cooking and reading.

200-hour teacher training
Raja course
Transcendental Meditation
Certified personal trainer