Ginny Kynaston first started taking yoga classes thirty years ago for the physical benefits, but soon realized the increase in psychological and spiritual benefits the more she practiced and meditated. It was in 2004 that Ginny discovered hot yoga, and she’s been practicing regularly ever since.

Meditation was something Ginny knew she needed in her life, but couldn’t quite get the hang of it. She credits Gary Olson’s Raja meditation course as a life-changing experience and Ginny went on to be one of the first students at the Ashram.

Yoga as a way of living, not just a physical practice, has become a passion for Ginny. Initially, Ginny had planned to teach yoga to seniors. While working in sales for the food industry, many of her clients were senior living properties and when Ginny observed the physical activities on offer to their residents, she felt inspired to share yoga with them.

Though she doesn’t teach seniors specifically, Ginny is enthusiastic about yoga’s benefits to every body—physically and mentally. She assures her students as long as they practice to the best of their ability, they will receive all the benefits possible. “No competition, no judgement” is at the heart of Ginny’s own practice as well as her classes.

After retiring from the food industry, Ginny’s time is spent with her family, friends and grandchildren. A Californian-turned-Washingtonian, she loves to be outdoors, especially in the sunshine.

Reiki Training
CPR & First Aid
Teacher training 200 hr Ashram certified (2x)
Raja meditation (3-4x)
Advanced Raja meditation
Yin intensive workshop
Restorative workshop
Posture clinics
Yamas and Niyamas
Many kriya classes
Kid yoga workshop weekend