When Desiree Adams left the Seattle area for Texas in 2006, she couldn’t find a place to continue her workout of choice, kickboxing. “I saw a hot yoga studio and thought, that sounds hard. I was right—it was so challenging for me that I couldn't wait to get back in there and try it again.”

It’s the mental challenge and spiritual connection yoga provides that Desiree believes you don't find in other forms of exercise. Her passion is to help others recognize the mental and spiritual benefits of yoga as well as the physical. “I love watching people progress in yoga in all aspects, and continuing to learn and grow myself.”

In 2009, Desiree completed her teaching training and began leading yoga classes. Her motivating and light-hearted teaching style makes her classes a perfect spot for beginners and seasoned yogis.

Whenever she was visiting family in Washington, she attended the Ashram, so when she moved back to Kirkland in 2011, she knew exactly where she’d practice and teach. To date, Desiree has taught more than 7,500 classes.

When she isn’t in the studio, Desiree likes to read, make candles and all-natural beauty products, and spend time with her kids—playing baseball or practicing yoga!

500 hr Teacher Training
200 CE Training
I teach Ashram Power Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Kids Yoga, Yang Yoga.