Clancy Marschner first turned to yoga when the London commute began to take its toll. Tired and stiff from racing around the city, British born Clancy popped into a nearby yoga studio, and unknowingly joined a Bikram class. She recalls noticing the sweat on her shins and thinking, wow, this is crazy!

And though she claims to still struggle with the heat and the postures, Bikram is Clancy’s yoga of choice ten years later. After leaving her career in retail buying, Clancy completed Bikram teacher training and began teaching full time. She owned a yoga studio in Singapore for five years, and when her husband was transferred to the Seattle area, Clancy found a home at the Ashram.

Recalling her first Bikram experience, Clancy encourages students to just get that first class over with, and promises it gets better and better! Her teaching style is challenging, but her positivity is contagious. She believes every single person who takes the class gets what they need physically and mentally. “I want everyone to leave feeling like they worked really hard and it was worth it. Calm and ready to take on the world!”

When Clancy isn’t in the studio teaching or practicing, she is trying to keep up with her two little boys. She credits her calm, healthy and happy outlook all to yoga.

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