As a college athlete, Nevada native Ashley Sauter was no stranger to challenging her body and keeping fitness a top priority. But after years of weight training, she was looking for the next thing, something she could practice and enjoy the rest of her life. Because a former roommate raved about yoga, Ashley decided to try it out. She remembers the workout being exhausting and challenging, but it was something she most definitely wanted to “figure out.” After that first class, she was hooked and has been practicing for the past three years.

Ashley had tried other studios in the Seattle area, but felt a pull to the people and the atmosphere at the Ashram. Soon enough, she enrolled in teacher training and became a certified Ashram instructor.

Yoga is the best way to get your day going, according to Ashley, and she credits the way she feels after class—lighter, more grounded and peaceful—as what keeps her coming back for more. This is what she wishes for her students, and hopes they leave the studio feeling confident, motivated and better than they did when they first arrived.

When Ashley isn’t practicing or teaching yoga, she is working as a Program Manager at Microsoft and escaping to somewhere warm and sunny whenever she gets the chance.

Ashram Yoga 200YTT