Hailing from the Northeast, Amy Young has practiced yoga since her early 20s, starting a regular practice in 2009. When her husband began hot yoga to aid his recovery after an injury, Amy accompanied him to the Ashram and was hooked after the first class. A few years later, she went through the Ashram teaching training and began leading classes.

Her classes are light-hearted and effective, with consistent postures and flow. Amy believes a daily practice of yoga keeps her mind, body and spirit balanced. What she does in the room gives her balance to take life’s challenges head on and is a reminder, no matter what, to just breathe.

What she likes best about the Ashram is the caring, supportive and diverse community. Building and fostering strong communities is something Amy cares deeply about and is obvious from her time as an elementary school teacher and camp director, as well as her involvement in local non-profits such as My Village NW. Amy’s son is developmentally disabled and Amy is passionate about advocating for people with disabilities by developing community partnerships. She currently serves on the board of My Village NW.

In addition to teaching yoga, Amy manages the Kirkland studio. Outside of yoga, she spends time with her husband and their two children, enjoying tennis, gardening, skiing, biking and traveling.

Ashram Certified Instructor
Reiki Practitioner

Additional languages:
French and ASL