Washington, D.C. native Adam Pearlstein was first introduced to yoga 14 years ago after attending a Bikram class with his girlfriend. He loved it so much that he completed his teacher training in Los Angeles later that year. His teaching style is energetic and empathetic, and Adam thinks of the Ashram as home. Yoga helps him be his best self, and his advice to new students is to practice like you’re going to come back tomorrow. Play the long game. His advice to seasoned yogis? Try new things! After all, his favorite quote is, “Can't lives on won't street”

Adam’s other passion in life is music. When Adam is not in the yoga studio, he is singing, writing, performing, and teaching music. He teaches guitar and ukulele, and performs for students at a local preschool. You can also find him and his brother playing in their string band, Paul’s Women’s Wear, around Seattle.

Bikram Cert 2004
Power Vinyassa + Yin 2015