Implementing TM into my life has increased my creativity and intuition, eased stress and tension in my mind and body, and helped to advance my career. I feel more centered and grounded when I practice TM twice daily and things in my life move smoother, relationships, the traffic, everything really. Other than practicing Hot Yoga at the Ashram TM is the most beneficial thing I do for my health, happiness, and sanity.

Dustin Gransberry – Health Coach

Through the Ashram, my practice has developed from one of ‘exercise’ in a hot room to a daily devotion to the practice of concentration, energy and personal well being. The instructors are top cabin and instill a sense of completeness in the practice of yoga which I’ve not enjoyed at other equally physically demanding studios. The studio is clean (no stinky carpet), great temperature (not too hot and not too cold, generally) and consistently excellent instructors to guide your practice. It’s awesome!!

Best of King 5 – Darcy J.,

The Ashram studio is a wonderful experience and so much different than any studio I’ve practiced at. The staff is amazing, the facility is beautiful and has a fantastic energy! They have 2 rooms to customize the classes and accommodate the class size. I never feel cramped by the number of participants, yet they have classes topping 40+. I have never been a “work-out” regimented person. But thanks to the Yogis and the other yoga practitioners at the Ashram, I am motivated to continue my practice 4-6 days a week!

Best of King 5 – Colette1

The studio offers positive energy through a high level of instruction, a variety of classes on a robust schedule so there is little reason to miss a single day of practice. The facility itself is a beautiful sanctuary – high tech flooring and heating/cooling in both studios, always clean and multiple showers in the changing room. Fellow practitioners are welcoming and warm. And of course the work out is dynamic!

Best of King 5 – Naomi H