Shannon has been dedicated to her yoga practice since 2006. With a background in gymnastics, various sports & athletic event in addition to keeping physically fit as a Firefighter. She took her first yoga class back in 1995 with the idea of maintaining flexibility during her new career pursuit requiring intense weight training as well as cardiovascular endurance.

In early 2012 Shannon came upon The Ashram and quickly noticed a unique paradigm throughout the studio of a tranquil peace with a thread of individual determination not seen at other studios she attended throughout the years. Finally finding the perfect yoga community at the Ashram, she felt the need to deepen her practice through Gary Olson’s Teacher training in 2012-2013. During the training process she rediscovered the love for teaching others.

With her background working in a hospital helping patients with long term problems and her emergent “think on your feet get things done fast mentality” as a Firefighter. She was able to refine her sense of serenity, and carry that aspect from the Yoga room to her many jobs outside the Ashram walls.

Through understanding in Yogic philosophies and Transcendental Meditation (TM), an internal satisfaction of self-discovery and a deeper understanding of life, brought about a happiness that could only be described as contented bliss. Each days practice a sense of grounding in preparation for the daily chaos that surrounds a career steeped in the daily catastrophes of others and the need for patience and understanding for people in times of crisis. The dedication to her fitness hasn’t changed, but the life viewpoint on fitness and spirituality has altered her immeasurably.

You can see Shannon practicing numerous times a week at the studio in ALL the yoga disciplines as well as teaching numerous times a week. Her completion of Teacher Training, Transcendental Meditation training and several Raja yoga clinics under Gary Olson’s tutelage has propelled her to continue her training in other avenues such as understanding anatomical alignment principles with Anatomy clinics and Nutritional awareness clinics.