Sebastien Fouillade


Sebastien began practicing Yoga at Ashram Yoga in 2010 to bring balance to his life in challenging times. In 2011, Sebastien started a new company to reconnect families with the great outdoors. Given the demanding nature of a startup, Sebastien decided to increase his dedication to his Yoga practice, practicing more frequently and expanding his experiences with Kriya classes and multiple Raja workshops. Yoga was no longer just about stretching the body and became about stretching and aligning mind, body and soul. This helped not only his entrepreneurial endeavors but also increased his ability to embrace life’s beautiful journey.

Sebastien decided to deepen his practice by taking the 200-hour Ashram teacher training and completed his training in 2014. Sebastien started to teach Hot Power Yoga in June 2014, sharing this gift with people in the Yoga room and outside. Indeed, Sebastien loves transposing concepts learned in the Yoga room to real life and product design world (