Sean Naughton

I returned to yoga from a 25 year meditation practice. Like many people, I had a strong yoga practice in my twenties. Then I got immerse in career, family, life and didn’t make time for a continuing practice. I did maintain my daily meditation practice which is in many ways an internal yoga. After taking my first hot yoga class, I fell in love with this style of yoga because it engages the mind and body in a very direct way. There is something about the sequence that is profound in its simplicity and its effectiveness. I completed my teacher training at YTTP in Seattle and continue to deepen my knowledge and understand about yoga. My goals in teaching a yoga class are to provide clients with both a great physical workout and the opportunity to connect more deeply to themselves. I believe in yoga because it is a very old, very deep, proven ‘technology’ that promotes health and well-being from within. Whether you are recovering from an injury or an illness or whether you are simply curious about what yoga can be for you, a grounded yoga practice offers everyone the opportunity for a lifetime of self discovery toward the vibrancy of their own well-being.