Sarah has been practicing yoga at The Ashram since its opening back in 2006. She had only taken two yoga classes previously but felt instantly ‘at home’ after taking her first Power Yoga class from Gary Olson. She fell in love with the supportive community and quality classes that offered such consistency amongst all the ups and downs of life. She has practiced consistently at The Ashram since then- including through several pregnancies.

She was born and raised in Seattle and was an athlete all her life- successful in both basketball and volleyball. It wasn’t until she found yoga that she found a ‘sport’ that incorporates all the things she loved- physical activity, mind focus, and breath exercise. She continues to practice regularly, even when traveling, and has found that yoga has become a way of living. As her yoga practice has deepened, she has be challenged to carry the lessons learned in the studio out into daily life: no struggle, breath, acceptance, grace, moderation, persistence, and humility.

Sarah has a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy with focus on both pre-marital therapy & medical issues/chronic pain. She is excited to re-open her practice and see clients again when her kids are all in school. She lives in Kirkland with her husband and stays crazy busy raising her 13 year old step-daughter, 7 year son, and twin 4 year old girls. The kids are becoming little yogis and participate in the Kid’s Yoga Program at The Ashram (you’ll probably see them around the studio)!

She has been trained by Gary in Deva meditation and practices daily. She has participated in the Raja Course and completed the 200 hour teacher training at The Ashram. She teaches both Power Yoga and Yin Yoga classes and loves both equally. She is excited to be giving back to the community that has been such a blessing to her.