Rayne began practicing yoga in 2000 and fell in love with it. She found yoga to be a perfect counter-balance to the stress of practicing law.

While Rayne's law practice was challenging and at times rewarding, she never developed a passion for it. After 13 difficult years and a lot of soul searching she decided to follow her heart and pursue a path that would be truly fulfilling. Teaching yoga has been a blessing. Each day she gets to be a part of something special, surrounded by amazing people who give so much of themselves. When Rayne steps into the yoga room to teach, the outside world slips away and there is truly nowhere else she'd rather be.

In 2006, Rayne attended her first class at The Ashram with Gary Olson. Through Gary’s continued encouragement, Rayne became a yoga instructor. She recalls, “The extreme heat coupled with Gary's challenging classes forced me look beyond the physicality of my practice. I had to turn inward and change my mental state in order to deepen my practice. As a result my yoga changed dramatically and I wanted to share what had taken me years to learn. I had considered teaching yoga, but never thought I would have time to teach yoga while practicing law. With Gary's continued support I signed up for teacher training in 2009 and have shifted my focus from law to yoga."

She started teaching yoga in May 2009, and she recently completed an adjustment clinic with Troy Lucero.

Rayne attended the YogaWorks teacher training program – a 200 hour program that combines the flow of Ashtanga with the precision of Iyengar while emphasizing the principles of alignment. She found the emphasis on injury prevention through proper alignment particularly helpful in her own practice where multiple knee injuries had limited the scope of her physical activities.

As a result, Rayne has developed a effective teaching style which reflects her pursuit of injury free practice combined with her inspired instruction and physically demanding classes.