Luba was born and raised in the Russian Far East, Sakhalin Island. She moved to Seattle for her college degree, receiving Bachelor’s in Business Management. Right after college she embarked on a highly rewarding, but demanding and quiet stressful career in Maritime industry. To balance her busy lifestyle, Luba practiced yoga in various studios and gyms around Seattle. However, once she stepped into Gary Olson’s Power Yoga Class she instantly fell in love with his style of teaching. She began to practice daily, revolving her schedule around her yoga practice. In 2012, when The Ashram First Annual Teacher Training was available, she dove right in! "It was a challenging, exciting, mind-blowing and life changing experience."

Yoga has been completely absorbed into her life. Her daily practice has allowed her to maintain control in the highs and lows of life. She has a very strong passion for teaching yoga and has discovered it to be incredibly self-healing.

Luba has attended most of The Ashram workshops including Anatomy, hands-on adjustment courses, and posture clinics. She has been trained in Transcendental Meditation and also attended The Ashram Raja and Advanced Raja courses