Jamie Laflin

Jamie Laflin is a Bank manager and has worked in banking over 8 years. Hot Yoga has given her an outlet to relieve stress, promote relaxation, and give her an overall balance in her life. Jamie grew up playing sports and has always been physically active throughout her life. She played softball for 2 years at Bellevue College and transferred to WSU where she majored in Physical Education.

Jamie began practicing Bikram's Yoga in 2011. She fell in love immediately and started a daily practice that she continues to this day. Hot Yoga has transformed her life, mind, body and spirit. To her the Hot Yoga practice is about using your breath to calm your mind in a challenging environment. The physical benefits are icing on the cake.  

Jamie came to the Ashram in June 2015.  Curtis, a loyal Ashram student, told her if you want to do "real yoga" come to the Ashram and take a Power class from Gary Olson. Jamie was curious and decided to take Gary's Power class. She immediately could feel the difference Curtis referred to. "I was pushed to my edge both physically and mentally, but there was still an ease and flow to the practice. The Ashram is a community and they welcomed me with open arms. It is a very special place and I truly feel at home here. Hot yoga is my passion and I am honored to teach others what I have learned. Namaste."