Ginny Kynaston

My yoga began with various courses through the Parks & Recreation center and at various gyms. Always really loved the classes but had a very difficult time with the final savasana/dead pose. My head was way too busy and didn't understand how to slow it down.

At the urging of a customer in early 2005, decided to try hot yoga. Immediately the next day I felt the benefits in my body. It felt flushed out from the sweat and deep breathing exercises as well as opened up from the powerful deep stretching postures. I WAS HOOKED!

I followed Gary when he opened The Ashram in Kirkland in 2006 and have been a grateful student since Day 1. The Ashram is where I learned about the importance of discipline and a strong yoga community.

There began my serious yoga journey. Very quickly realized that a regular meditation practice was necessary to reap the full impact of the psychological and spiritual benefits. Luckily, Gary teaches a life changing Raja meditation workshop where we learn Transcendental meditation. I have attended that workshop a few times and each time deepens my practice. Other workshops include Advanced Raja course, Yin yoga, Restorative yoga, Ayurveda, Chakras, Posture clinics, Nutrition, Anatomy, Yamas & Niyamas, Kid yoga, many Kriya classes.

Have been fortunate enough to attend 2 of Gary and Claudia's 200 hr Teacher training courses. I feel very blessed to be one of the Yin yoga teachers now! My heart feels bigger as a result of all the self discovery, patience and acceptance as well as all the positive people who have come into my life.

Despite some physical limitations and arthritis, I have always felt accepted and encouraged to "practice to my present level of perfection". Yoga is a way of life with "no competition, no judgements". We learn to honor our bodies while working to the best of our abilities. My hope is to share what I know and to encourage anyone who is afraid they might be too old or not flexible enough.