When Davin took his first Yoga class at The Ashram, he was skeptical. Coming from a background of sports and weightlifting, and his current position as a Police Officer, yoga didn’t seem like it would be physically challenging. But after stepping out of that first class, dripping with sweat, he was hungry for more! It was not only the physical challenge of yoga that was appealing, but also the mental stimulation and feeling of rejuvenation. According to Davin, “I have never experienced an exercise that actually leaves me feeling more positive and refreshed then yoga.”

A daily yoga practice is one of the greatest ways to remain balanced in our busy stressful lives. Davin truly has a deep understanding of the benefits yoga can provide to one’s life. As a Police Officer, his daily yoga practice has allowed Davin to remain calm and present even during the most intense and stressful situations that arise in his career.

Davin has an incredible passion for yoga and a strong desire to share it. He has been through hundreds of hours of yoga practice, inversion clinics, instruction, and self-study. Davin completed an intensive Yoga-Alliance-Certified 200-hour instructor’s course in Baja, Mexico in May 2012. Since then, he has continued studying under Gary Olson’s instruction, completing the beginner and advanced Raja Yoga courses, trained in Transcendental Meditation, attending numerous Hamsa Hatha Kriya classes and completing Gary's 200-hour Teacher Training here at The Ashram.

Davin is excited to continue his yoga journey as a student and teacher at The Ashram :)