Cindy has been practicing at The Ashram since 2012. After taking her first Hot Power class, she knew yoga was meant to be part of her life. It was the perfect fit at the perfect time in her life.

Cindy has trained exclusively with Gary Olson, completing the 200 hour teaching training program in January 2013. The mental and physical benefits of yoga are endless, and as a teacher at The Ashram, she is committed to providing the students an experience that will have a positive impact. This includes sharing insight on proper alignment, breath control and finding balance and peace of mind.

Cindy graduated in 2004 as a Registered Dental Hygienist and completed her Bachelor of Science in 2005. It has been a wonderful profession, allowing much flexibility in her work schedule to be at home with her son, born in 2007. He too, has followed in his Mom’s footsteps and can be found taking her class on occasion at The Ashram.

In addition to practicing and teaching yoga, Cindy also shares with her son and family the love of triathlon. This lifestyle of yoga and triathlon has brought so much joy and health her way, she can only hope to share this positive energy to others who come into her life.