Cheryl Mclaine

Cheryl has spent the majority of her life researching world religions and spiritual studies. Her inquisitive nature was sparked at the age of 12 when her family converted a foreclosed church into a residence. It was at this point in her life that Cheryl felt called to find answers to life's largest questions. She has studied with different teachers, meditated, and explored many different belief systems over the years. Yoga profoundly changed her life.

Cheryl moved to the Seattle area in 1990 from California. She has always worked in the corporate world and eventually achieved a successful career in Real Estate. In 2012, looking for more of a work/life balance, Cheryl quit sales and moved into a corporate trainer role. However, this also led to a life without balance. 

Looking for a way to relieve stress and challenge her body, Cheryl took her first yoga class led by Gary Olson in 2014 and was hooked! The unity of breath, movement and focused awareness gave her a way to combine exercise, focus, and meditation. The Ashram's straightforward yoga technique made it very easy to acclimate herself into the system of yoga. The caliber of teachers and students at The Ashram made her want to be a bigger part of it all. In 2015 Cheryl decided to take a leap of faith and step out of the corporate arena completely. Perfectly timed opportunities presented themselves and she is now co-managing the Bellevue studio as well as teaching yoga classes. Cheryl is an Ordained Minister, has completed the Raja Training Course, TM Meditation and The Ashram Teacher Training, and is now completely immersed in a life of yoga. 

Somewhat of a workout enthusiast, Cheryl has had a very physical routine for decades. When she is not in the hot room teaching or taking yoga classes, she is an avid runner (completing 4 half-marathons), or is combining high intensity training with weight lifting and TRX strength training.