Ashley Sauter

Growing up Ashley was involved in numerous sports, that fortunately let to an opportunity as a College Athlete. After several years of intense speed and strength training in College she was looking for a change. Looking for something that would allow her to stay strong and healthy for the rest of her life. That is when she found Yoga and The Ashram. Ashley began practicing Yoga in 2012 and was instantly intrigued by the new challenge, the structure and passion she found at the Ashram.

She attended the Raja Yoga course, then immediately after completing the course she signed up for teacher training and hasn’t looked back since. Being a teacher at The Ashram Yoga has provided her with an opportunity to become deeply connected with a yoga community that she considers to be family. To be part of a community that challenges her and supports her every day. Her greatest joy as a teacher is to see students become stronger and conquer postures they didn’t think were possible. She considers it to be an honor to see students become more confident, healthy and grounded. She enjoys every moment she has in the room with the students and looks forward to seeing you in class!