Annie Rockwood

Annie Rockwood has been a fitness and dance instructor since 2007. She started practicing Yoga in 2012 and found The Ashram soon after. Annie loves the combination of high expectations of performing at your 100% balanced with the intention to listen to your body, honor what your body needs, and rest when you need to rest. As a student at The Ashram, Annie fell in love with the balanced method of teaching and decided to enroll in the Raja Course in 2013. After learning mediation and introducing a regular practice into her routine, she found meditation to be an effective tool in easing her anxiety. As a result, she opted to take the 2015 Teacher Training at The Ashram. Annie teaches Yoga in the hopes of passing on what has been given to her. Her classes focus on mindfulness, body awareness, finding your edge and pushing your boundaries. In her spare time, Annie enjoys golfing, weight lifting, binge watching Netflix, and hanging out with her fiancé, Jack, and their adorable dog, Fizzgig.