Amy Young

Amy Young began practicing at The Ashram in 2009 after following her husband, Brian, into the hot rooms. She was hooked after her first class and became an Ashram Certified Teacher in 2014. Amy is trained in Gary’s Transcendental Meditation, has attended several workshops, and continues to read and learn about yoga. In the beginning, Amy was seeking to strengthen her body for skiing and tennis but her practice quickly blossomed into something infinitely more than just asana. Through countless classes, Amy has learned to push her body to build strength, to become aware of subtle messages the body communicates, how to quiet the mind, and how to present with conscious breath. She teaches Yin and Power Yoga.

Amy is happily married and has 2 beautiful children. Her daughter is 13 and her son is 16. She has a Bachelor’s of Arts from Boston University and received her teaching certificate from the University of Washington. She stays busy teaching, managing the Kirkland location of The Ashram yoga, as well as volunteering with local organizations. She is deeply connected with Northwest Special Families (she has served as the president, family coordinator, event planner and program developer on the Steering Committee for 10 years) as well as with Leading Ladies (a theatre summer camp she developed for girls 9-12 years old). Her son is developmentally disabled which has given Amy a passion to create an inclusive world for people of all abilities.

Amy is thrilled to be a part of The Ashram team and carries the lessons of her yoga practice into ALL areas of her life. Yoga is her retreat from life and has taught her to transform life’s trials into opportunities for gratitude. Yoga has given her a connection to her mind, body, and spirit and she is enthusiastic to teach others. She is grateful for ALL that yoga has given to her- specifically the lesson of learning to just breathe, no matter what, JUST BREATHE.