A self-described yoga obsessed and fitness fanatic, Alison grew up playing soccer, softball, running and dancing.

Alison began practicing yoga ten years ago when she was introduced to yoga through her sister and began practicing at a studio in New York City. Soon after starting she completed the Bikram 60 day challenge – designed to immerse a new student in the Bikram practice through a commitment to practice every day for 60 days. Alison practiced for 69 days in a row and several months later she completed the Bikram 100 day challenge.

Alison then decided to begin teaching and completed Baron Baptiste's Teacher Training Level 1 boot camp in Hawaii. The Teacher's boot camp is total immersion program for those who understand that a yoga teacher's deepest responsibility is the ability to transform the lives of individuals seeking physical and spiritual growth - leading them to a healthier state of existence. She has completed 150 hours of her teaching certification in asana, philosophy and anatomy. Alison has trained intensively with Gary Olson for the past 6 years, and has taught for four. Additionally, to further her training she completed a training intensive in the Baptiste style of yoga with master teacher Gregor Singleton.

Not only committed to her yoga practice, Alison continues to be a devoted runner, hitting the pavement seven times a week. She is married and has a young daughter, who was exposed to yoga at a very young age as Alison practiced yoga until the day she gave birth. Not only did Alison stay fit and recover quickly, her daughter was a healthy baby. Alison’s daughter now practices yoga once a week, delighting her family with her expert Eagle Asana.