Dustin Gransberry – Health Coach

Implementing TM into my life has increased my creativity and intuition, eased stress and tension in my mind and body, and helped to advance my career. I feel more centered and grounded when I practice TM twice daily and things in my life move smoother, relationships, the traffic, everything really. Other than practicing Hot Yoga at the Ashram TM is the most beneficial thing I do for my health, happiness, and sanity.

Valerie Johnson – Des Moines, WA

The Ashram Yoga Studio – Truly the best yoga I have ever experienced!   Yoga at The Ashram is a complete mental, physical and spiritual experience.  I started hot yoga 5 years ago to get in shape and relieve stress and now I couldn’t imagine living without The Ashram in my life.   It is one of the most important things I do for myself.  I have tried many other hot yoga studios and NOTHING COMPARES.  Twice a week I trek from Des Moines to Kirkland to get my hot yoga fix.  It has given me restful sleep, more energy, mental clarity, and the side bonus of going from a size 12 to a size 4 in the first 6 months of attending classes.

The owner, Gary Olson, provides spiritual food, while teaching basic yoga poses in a hot environment, meant to challenge the mind into not thinking.  He walks through each pose, telling us how to adjust our feet, our shoulders, where our hands should be, what we should be striving for and how to get in touch with the “self” (the part of you that hasn’t changed since your earliest childhood memories) – powerful stuff!  He encourages us to practice on our edge, while always honoring our bodies.

The studio is clean, the people are friendly and the knowledge gained is invaluable!  All of the teachers are very experienced and helpful – you really can’t go wrong with any of them.  When I leave my practice, I feel calm and ready to take on whatever life has to offer.  Hot Yoga at The Ashram benefits everyone in your life by making you view the world a little differently and teaching you how to cope and breathe through the challenges of life. I don’t know what I would do without this blessing in my life – it has truly changed how I respond to everything!

Best of King 5 – yukming, 

Great studio and instructors. I know of no better workout for my mind and body. SO worth the half hour drive out of my way!

Best of King 5 – Darcy J., 

Through the Ashram, my practice has developed from one of ‘exercise’ in a hot room to a daily devotion to the practice of concentration, energy and personal well being. The instructors are top cabin and instill a sense of completeness in the practice of yoga which I’ve not enjoyed at other equally physically demanding studios. The studio is clean (no stinky carpet), great temperature (not too hot and not too cold, generally) and consistently excellent instructors to guide your practice. It’s awesome!!


Best of King 5 – Colette1, 

The Ashram studio is a wonderful experience and so much different than any studio I’ve practiced at. The staff is amazing, the facility is beautiful and has a fantastic energy! They have 2 rooms to customize the classes and accommodate the class size. I never feel cramped by the number of participants, yet they have classes topping 40+. I have never been a “work-out” regimented person. But thanks to the Yogis and the other yoga practitioners at the Ashram, I am motivated to continue my practice 4-6 days a week!


Best of King 5 – Kim, 

Not only the best yoga in the Puget Sound, but best anywhere. I travel a lot and have visited many hot yoga studios; nothing beats Gary Olson’s Hot Power Yoga program.


Best of King 5 – shelley,

This is the studio I go to and I love everything about it! the teachers are all wonderful and caring. I’ve only been practicing 6 mos. and I’ve learned so much!


Best of King 5 – Sue W., 

I recommend The Ashram as Gary Olsen is a very conscious teacher as are all his teachers. It is about the whole being and being very aware of all your beliefs and stories that limit you in your practice as well as getting a wonderful Yoga practice!!


Best of King 5 – Kim P., 

Hot Yoga at the Ashram has changed my life in such a good way…I am happier, focused and a lot less stressed. The Ashram is spotless and the instructors are wonderful!


Best of King 5 – Jourdan C., 

The instructors are the best in the Northwest. They not only encourage you, but also motivate you to challenge yourself deeply for the most exceptional results. There is an emphasis on the connection between the mind, body, and soul that is uncanny and not found elsewhere. At the Ashram, a search for internal benefits of yoga heavily outweigh the importance placed on attaining perfection in the postures. The instructors are always sure to remind students that yoga is about the process which allows new students to feel comfortable and veterans to stay satisfied over and over again. The Ashram offers very reasonable prices and many classes to fit any schedule. If you are looking for a yoga studio in the greater Seattle area, you must visit The Ashram Yoga of Kirkland


Best of King 5 – Amber P., 

Great studio, very clean, amazing people… this studio has changed my life!

Best of King 5 – Jennifer W., 

Amazing customer service. You never feel like you’re unwelcome because you’re a beginner. It’s just fantastic, and I recommend it to all my friends. The class times are also amazing. Thanks Ashram!


Best of King 5 – Naomi H., 

The studio offers positive energy through a high level of instruction, a variety of classes on a robust schedule so there is little reason to miss a single day of practice. The facility itself is a beautiful sanctuary – high tech flooring and heating/cooling in both studios, always clean and multiple showers in the changing room. Fellow practitioners are welcoming and warm. And of course the work out is dynamic!


Best of King 5 – came0050, 

I’ve visited many of the yoga studios in western Washington and Gary is without a doubt the best instructor out there. Plus, he has managed to find a few additional instructors of the same caliber and expand his class schedule (in particular, Rayne is awesome!). Also, for a “hot-yoga” studio, no one has better air filtration system. So all around, really a terrific experience.


Best of King 5 – RiversBendLodge, 

Best hot yoga I’ve done in Washington.

Best of King 5 – Cristin H., 

This yoga studio has changed my life; my body is strong and fit, my mind calm. Fantastic instruction, and the each one of these specially designed (super intense) yoga workouts leaves me feeling like a new person. I never knew I could breathe like this, feel like this, look like this!! I cannot recommend it enough.


Best of King 5 – jglendalehotmailcom, 



Best of King 5 – Casey H.,

The Ashram is a very warm and inviting studio. I have never practiced in an environment that is so welcoming to new students while also having some of the most talented yogis and athletes. All the teachers are amazing and have unique styles which make any of the numerous classes worth trying.


Best of King 5 – Sherry P.,

The instructor Gary Olson is dedicated to his work and his students, my daughter has been taking classes with him through a difficult time in her life and his influence and guidance was a blessing.


Best of King 5 – Gena A.,

Gary Olsen and his students (who are the other teachers) are some of the best yoga instructors I have ever encountered. Gary has a standard that is consistent and which creates a high level of energy as well as a high standard in the practice. I have grown as a person under his instruction. I have been strengthened by this practice and I attribute it, first, to Gary’s knowledge and experience and that which he has cultivated at his Ashram. The studio is also beautiful and clean.

Best of King 5 – Raina G., 

Favorite Bikram studio ever! Love Gary…he is very knowledgeable, and not at all the annoying follow your bliss type! The studio is super clean and very state of the art with sport flooring and plenty of room to spread out. Definitely try this studio out if you are a fan of Bikram yoga!


Best of King 5 – Courtney,

I love this place. It is not just a studio, it is a community! Gary, the owner, makes a point of greeting everyone personally, and they watch you practice to the point where they will give you useful feedback (they remember old injuries that you have and modify moves accordingly for you…they can tell when you haven’t drank enough water…when you are just being tired and lazy…etc). This is also by far the cleanest yoga studio that I have been to. I recommend it to all of my friend and family, even those that don’t live on the eastside!


Best of King 5 – Michelle L., 

Gary Olson is the owner and one of the instructors at the studio. Never have I been so in-tune with my body after my sessions since I started going to the Ashram. I definitely hooked. Patrick and Ana are AMAZING teachers as well.

Best of King 5 – Someguythatlikestovote, 

Gary has created a wonderful, peaceful environment, but still gives you a great workout! By far the single greatest place to participate in Yoga.


Best of King 5 – Posted by: Paula, 

great yoga, great people, really a good workout. good for the mind and the body. have been loving it for 2 years now


Best of King 5 – Posted by: Mieko D., 

They have this really great hot floor and the teachers work (and work you) really hard. Gary’s taken the best of everything and put it into The Ashram.


Yelp – Posted by Amber P., 

Hot yoga is definitely tough, but I really love the environment of the studio and the instructors provide a challenging but positive class.  I like the fact that floors are not carpeted, so it never smells like moldy mildew or anything.  I highly recommend this studio and hot yoga!

Yelp – Posted by Picky P., 

Adding a 5th star! I attended Gary’s Bikram class today and once again, it was amazing. As an instructor, Gary has a both a calming and inspirational demeanor, which really helps during those impossible moments. Instead of stressing me out by yelling, he encourages me to try harder by breathing more and being calm.

Plus today he let me store my popsicles in the fridge during class. Thanks!

I came here mostly to escape from somewhere else (see Hot Yoga of Kirkland), and I am so glad that I did.

The Ashram has everything I was looking for in a yoga studio, and then some. They run about 6 classes a day, mostly Power Yoga and Bikram, ranging from 60 to 90 minutes…so you can always fit them into your schedule. Their classes are reasonably full but I have never seen one overcrowded, which is such a relief. The facilities are beautiful…Pergo floors, adjustable lighting, nice changing rooms with showers, etc.

I’m not sure why I’m giving it only 4 stars instead of 5. I think because, until yesterday, the classes I attended had lacked a certain energy, or group euphoria, that I have felt at times in other classes. But yesterday I went to Gary’s Power class and it was amazing – totally inspirational. If this happens again, I will change my rating to 5 stars. I think maybe it just takes awhile to really integrate yourself into the energy there.

Prices are about the same as other hot studios in the area but if you put in the effort, the value is definitely there.

Yelp – Posted by T.H., 

Being new to yoga, I was a little nervous going to my first class here.
When I first walked in the door I was kindly greeted and Shandelle explained to me the difference between the yoga classes offered and pricing. The studio is extremely clean.
My first class was a power class with the owner Gary.
It was amazing. I left feeling inspired and have come back almost everyday. I might be the wobbly one in the class, but no matter 
who the instructor is, they always take the time to help me with my poses. The clientele that goes to this studio reflects the energy put out by the instructors. Everyone is courteous, dedicated and focused.
 I love it here!!

Yelp – Posted by David S.,

This is a fantastic yoga studio!  I’ve travel around the country and taken classes from many teachers over the years; and this is a studio that understands the physical/athletic components as well ad the meditative aspects of yoga. Gary the owner is extremely attentive and wants his students to have fun. He also wants you to work hard, while learning about yourself. Yes, this is a HOT class, but it is also very athletic. The Power Class simply Rocks!! I will be back many times.  If you are looking for an exceptional yoga class, then you HAVE to come to this studio!

Lakshmi Gopalkrishnan

“I took my first yoga class at the Ashram in February–and have been hooked since. The atmosphere is stimulating, the classes powerful, the teachers truly committed to the advancement of their students’ practice and goals, and–so important for a hot yoga studio–the premises are clean! I’ve taken several Bikram and Hot Power classes, all of which I’ve loved. I’m not saying they’re easy–but the teachers bring a good blend of toughness and compassion to their instruction and that keeps me going back for more :).

I recently had the opportunity to take a posture clinic that I can’t wait to repeat. The clinic was run by the inimitable Gary Olson, whose fan following grows daily–and included several other teachers. Gary used the two hours to run through the core postures, or asanas–demonstrating them through student volunteers and then breaking the class up into smaller groups, each led by one of his excellent teachers. He also solicited student feedback along the way, visibly tailoring the class to our needs. I left the class more confident of my ability to execute the poses–and with that unique “Ashram yoga high” I so look forward to several times a week. I’m hoping that Gary and his team will offer the workshop again–I know I’ll be the first to sign up!”

Sally & Kurt Lynott

“My husband and I are new to yoga and have been thoroughly enjoying it! We attended the posture clinic that was offered recently and found it to be very helpful. Many of the Ashram’s instructors were on hand to give students individual instruction and an opportunity to ask questions and view demonstrations. We found the clinic to be very helpful with the reinforcement of proper technique and form. We are looking forward to the next clinic! ”

Joseph Bielling, LMP NCTMB
Owner/West Seattle Wellness

“Stretch, Strengthen, SWEAT …. Repeat. Absolutely the best yoga workout – Period.  You may wonder why I drive from West Seattle 3-4 times a week to the Ashram.  Hot Power and Cool Power classes are one of a kind and cannot be beat.  If you think you have taken a great Hot Yoga class anywhere – the Ashram will top your list.  Go there if you want: a deep and meaningful practice, a challenging workout every time (never gets easy, trust me), a stronger more flexible body and SOUL! …. connection to self, quieter mind, increased ability to stay calm and present in your LIFE!

I have been driving 20 miles each way to the Ashram for over a year .. and I just bought a Lifetime Membership! I gave up the gym membership I never use simply cause this studio gives me the best strength and flexibility workout with an incredible unmatched payoff – peaceful awareness!  As a  business owner with a very hectic/stressful work life – the Ashram keeps me sane …. and I have to admit that having my body back from my professional dance days is a real plus! Thank you Ashram – especially Gary and Ana – you both continue to give the best of yourselves and inspire each of us to do the same! NAMASTE indeed!”

Derek Vreeland

“I have been going to the Ashram Yoga studio for last 3 years and have enjoyed all of the classes they have to offer. I went to the posture clinic class not to long ago and I have to say it is one of the best classes I have gone to. If you want to learn more about the postures from the regular classes they offer the posture clinic class is definitely the one to take. Not only do you learn more about the postures but you learn how to better them for your body type even. The teachers are fantastic with helping you improve on them. Showing and helping you with things you can’t see in your own posture. All around improving all aspects of your Yoga. I will definitely be going to the next posture clinic.”

Christine Bennett

“I have been attending The Ashram yoga studio since it opened and it has become a big part of my life. I first started practicing to shape up after giving birth for the second time. I was not expecting to lose myself in the flow of the class, I had no idea that for 90 or 75 minutes my mind could be shut off. I was hooked! I love it that there are many different levels in the class, from beginner to advanced, but everyone is working hard and you know there is no judgment.  I have been to other studios in the area but I never get the same feeling of unity while taking class, the unique flow and the energy of the students around you give you that cohesive feeling. I love to be active and practicing at The Ashram is the only place I need to go, the variety of classes and teachers keep my workouts challenging. I am looking forward to the Posture and Inversion clinics coming in the future!”

Heidi Smith

“I have been attending classes at the Ashram for a few months and it is definitely an experience to behold. I am a mother of 4 so I am not able to make as many classes as I would like but when I am able to make it, I feel like a million dollars each time I complete a hot yoga class. I drive from Mukilteo which is a bit of a hike but the trip is worth it to practice yoga at this studio. Each of the instructors is dedicated to the culture of yoga and they bring that dedication to each of their classes. This is truly the experience any yogi would look for in a yoga studio. Namaste.”