Please arrive on time. Do not leave the room early.
We want you to enjoy every moment of your yoga practice and that starts by arriving at least 15 minutes before class starts and staying for the duration of the class. We want you to get the most out of your experience and this includes a few minutes before class to stretch or lie in savanna and create space between you and your day. Please do not leave the room unless it is an emergency. Listen to your body, if you are having a hard class (we’ve all been there!) rest and sit out for a posture or two.

Please turn your cellphone off before you enter the studio.

Yoga is about being in the present moment fully and completely. This is a space for you to let go of all distractions for an hour or two. Enjoy it!

Please remove your shoes and place them on the rack at reception.

Help us keep our studio clean and quiet for everyone to enjoy. The Ashram is your oasis in the middle of the busy city. Leave your shoes and your stress at the door.

No talking in the practice room.

Please save all of your conversing for the reception area and changing rooms. The practice room is a sacred space for connecting with yourself and this requires silence before, during, and after class. Please keep your voice down when talking outside the room so you do not disturb students who are enjoying savasana.

Try to only drink water when instructed.

We know, it’s hot in there and water sounds great! Try to show up hydrated and avoid taking water breaks until the instructor gives them. We always do. Sticking to the water breaks keeps your mind focused during your practice and eventually you will stop thinking about your water so much.

Leave all personal belonging in the changing rooms.

All that you need with you in the practice room is your mat, towel and water. No watches. No phones. No Fitbit. No distractions. We always start and end class on time so leave that part up to us.

Give each class your 100% sincere effort. Listen to your instructor. Be patient with yourself. Enjoy your process!

-The Ashram Yoga Team