How It All Began

The Ashram was inspired to create a yoga method designed to optimize the life experience for our society in this current day and age.  This unique yoga method attracts hard-core athletes and yoga practitioners of all types. Gary’s personal vision influences each style of yoga taught at the Ashram. All Ashram teachers are trained in his method and are encouraged to explore other certifications and yoga practice experiences.

Our Method

Though the practice of yoga dates back to ancient times, we have designed this highly effective method and unique philosophy to meet the needs of people of our society in this day and age.

Those needs include physical and emotional healing, stress and anxiety reduction, fitness and well-being, consciousness of one’s life purpose, connection to the whole and realization of one’s greatest potential.

The Ashram

The Ashram is an environment where students can experience deep personal transformation, promote healing, and achieve optimal physical health so that their greatest potential can be realized.

Our desire is to help people live life more fully, be more connected with one another and experience true joy.